Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Line is Darker

This morning, for the second morning in a row as soon as I was coherent enough I smiled and thought-shouted "I'M PREGNANT!" I have to say it to myself just to try it on 'cause it still sounds so weird. But then every once in awhile I have to catch myself and say "it's not a sure thing yet, remember. Be cautious."

Still, I'm pretty optimistic. The line on today's test was darker than yesterday's test.

I'm still just so tickled that I can pee on a stick and see two lines. I think I bought a pregnancy test once, years ago when we were starting the TTC process, so it's not like I have boxes of one-liners that I've collected over the years. But still, it's a nice way to start my day. :)

I made a boo-boo yesterday. I was supposed to start the progesterone suppositories, which I did, but I thought I was taking one every evening and I actually was supposed to take three a day. So I had to catch myself up yesterday evening - luckily the instructions said that would be OK. I also didn't realize that the box I received from the doctor on transfer day was just a sample box that would get me through only two days. So I have to call tomorrow first thing and ask for a prescription. Hopefully my local pharmacy can fill it for me; otherwise it will be a drive to Portland for me tomorrow.


  1. Yeah! That line is definitely darker!

  2. Wow, congratulations!!!!
    This is phenomenal news!

    Wishing you a very, very happy and healthy nine months!