Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Day After

What a great evening I had yesterday. :) Not only did I get the great news about our beta, but my cat, who had run away two nights ago, came home! I thought for sure we'd never see him again - he's a very skittish guy.

I decided in order to mitigate the worry over my beta not doubling like it should, I would get some home tests and monitor over the weekend. That way I can watch the line and be ready if it starts to fade.

A friend of mine found a website that I wanted to share with any of you who happen to be in the same boat as me: The Betabase. I've seen some other lists of betas in various forums, but this one has way more data and is in a nice format. And that helps, because after looking at one forum's list of betas they had zero people who had numbers as low as me in the twins category and I thought maybe one of our blasts might not have made it. But now I know not to come to any conclusions yet (though really I know I shouldn't come to ANY conclusion until the ultrasound).

It doesn't feel real yet. That's probably good since I need to remind myself to stay cautious.


  1. Oh my gosh - I missed the boat on your previous post!! Congratulations!! This is amazing news. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for doubling betas!xx

    1. Thank you! This kind of finger-crossing is so much better than the finger-crossing from Friday! :D