Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 6

I spent most of the day still in the meh state, and distracted myself easily with work, but in the afternoon I got a little emotional again. Still feeling twinge-y today, including one sharp pain right in the center down around my uterus that lasted a split second, but not sure if it has anything to do with anything besides progesterone. (If anyone has any insight, please share your twinge-y experiences!) I kinda feel like emotionally I've settled into a good routine of being OK as I wait, for the most part (though I still daydream about what the phone call will be like and my stomach turns when I run through the bad news option).

A friend asked me to try to explain the twinges and I'll include them here for posterity: they kinda feel like a tiny pinching inside my lower abdomen somewhere, like a teensy little muscle tightening. They happen on both sides and sometimes in the middle, and they kind of ebb and flow - I might feel several of them on the 20-minute drive in to work or just one or two all afternoon. Except for the big sharp one, that just was a sharp pain that felt totally different than the twinges. I don't remember feeling them the last two times, but I'm trying hard not to chalk it up to a pregnancy symptom because who knows. It might be a result of a different dosage of hormones or something. But of course right now I'm reading so much into any little thing. It's like when you're in middle school or high school and you have a crush on someone you keep analyzing every look, every smile, every conversation to see if you can figure out if they like you back. Except there's way more on the line so the analyzing is way more crazy-making.

Two more days.

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