Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hormones Galore!

I'm still not feeling tons of pregnancy symptoms (my chest is sometimes sore - like last night it woke me up briefly - and sometimes not. I have a few twinges here and there but they've seemed to decrease a little in the past several days. I'm tired only sometimes.) but the biggest one I'm dealing with is mood swings. They are completely crazy. Here are a few examples from the last few days:

1. I cried when I heard a song the other night because one of the words in the lyrics was "baby"
2. I cried when I heard the bluegrass mass my choir is going to be performing in a week and a half because I really don't like it (it's too country)
3. I cried when I started thinking about how we're going to deal with visitations immediately after the birth (divorced grandparents, etc)

But the biggest reason I've been crying is because of not feeling tons of pregnancy symptoms yet and as the ultrasound approaches I get more and more concerned. But only sometimes. Yesterday, and a few nights ago, I was way more freaked out. Today (so far) I'm content and confident. I know that at just under 6 weeks I'm not going to feel much, and not feeling things isn't indicative of anything.

I think what's going on is that my brain notices that I'm emotional, and it tries to find a logical (mostly) reason why I'm emotional. And as a result, I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between what's a real worry and what's just hormones. So I have to remind myself: Everyone experiences pregnancy differently. Especially during EARLY pregnancy. Your hormones are talking too loudly. Everything is great. Take a deep breath.

I honestly never thought I would be this much of a worrier. I'm annoying even myself!


  1. Hang in there. When ultrasound day comes you'll feel so much relief.

  2. awww...I get it! Pretty soon you'll be hurling over a toilet and thanking your body for reminding you. Come on, ultrasound day!

  3. yeah some people have few few symptoms, totally normal. I'm sure you'll feel relieved after the ultrasound!

  4. I think it's normal to be so worried...especially when you know the risks out there and it's taken a lot to achieve your pregnancy. Some people don't have any symptoms until the baby starts growing! Hurry up ultrasound and give this mama some peace of mind! Here via ICLW.

  5. Hormones are fun. Just think of it as a game! The "Is This A Real Thing Or Just My Body Freaking Out" game. I play all the time.