Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seven months

I think the biggest thing going on with this seven month old is that she wants her mama ALL THE TIME. It makes doing much of anything else kinda difficult sometimes, but I have to admit I will be sad when the pendulum swings to wanting daddy all the time.

Other new things:
Still no crawling, but she sometimes gets one knee under her for a second. So it's coming.
Sits up on her own
Still babbles a ton - ba is her favorite - but is starting to make little "pfff" blowing noises too
Finally weighs enough to use the Moby Go carrier!
Loves sucking her toes
Likes it when I flutter my fingers against her lips while she makes noises (so it sounds like "babababababa") - she tries to do it herself too

She's also a foodie. (Heh.) She has liked everything I've put in her mouth, and I've put some interesting things in her mouth. Besides the normal jarred/pouched food, I have made some (apples, sweet potatoes), and she sometimes gets bites of what I'm eating, including mild salsa, pickles, all kinds of sauces, lemon, and yesterday she had a couple of bites of cod. Yum. She's gonna be a good eater.

She also continues to be the happiest baby ever. She frequently babbles and sings herself to sleep, and barely fusses (unless mama leaves the room in the evening).

Love this kid.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Like the first day

It's a sunny day today, relatively unusual for January, and though it's a perfect day for a trip to the coast, my little Bunny has her first fever so we are staying in. It's the best day ever for the cat, who always enjoys company as he sleeps the day away in bed. Ivy has spent a few interrupted hours awake and fussing, or fighting with me as I try to suck out her nose, but the vast majority of the day she has been asleep on me. And though I feel terrible that she is so uncomfortable, I also love these cuddles so much. She is currently lying on my chest, and the sunlight filtered through our north-facing bedroom window is illuminating her face just as it did that first morning. I was fuzzy from four hours of sedated-sleep, tender and sore and floating, stroking her little head with hands studded with IV's. And she was at once peaceful and frenetic, her rapid breathing already concerning to the nurses but her face so serene, as if she hadn't just been thrust into the cold, bright, loud world. Despite the fever and the fussiness, today is so sweet, so full of thankfulness that she is here with me despite all it took to get here, I'd take it over a coast trip any day.