Friday, October 31, 2014


And now I'm cramping a bit, and spotting. Pink last night just before I went to bed, brown this morning. More than just a teensy spot on the tissue but not quite what I'd consider a light period day. (Maybe an extra light one.) Seeing it last night was the catalyst for an epic meltdown (which was probably fueled by hormones but felt more like it was fueled by rage and despair) - my eyes are still swollen this morning.

I called the nurse this morning and she said it can be pretty common. She told me to stay hydrated and take it easy this weekend, and to call them if the spotting turned into bright red blood. I also read up a little last night and this morning on what others have experienced and most people who said they were spotting said it ended up being OK. Of course, not ALL people said it ended up being OK. Somewhere else, I read that if you see a heartbeat between 7 and 11 weeks, you have a 90% chance of success. That's pretty good odds, but I saw it at 6.5 weeks and it was measuring behind so I have no idea if I should be in that 90% group. And when you're worried and hormonal, 10% failure is a pretty big number.

It's Halloween. I ended up not really feeling like handing out candy, so I think I'm going to bring the skeleton inside when I get home from work, turn the porch light off and veg in front of a Halloween movie.

I just checked and the spotting seems to be slowing. (The cramping feels about the same - on and off, not as painful as period cramps.) I hope it's slowing for good.


  1. If I were you, I'd go to the clinic now and get an ultrasound. Maybe overdoing it, but at least it may calm your fears. Don't worry. Fertility clinics are used to crazy interfiles (like me) asking for ultrasounds to confirm fears.

    1. I thought about it, but the nurses told me that it wasn't a big deal so I'm trusting them (also the clinic is an hour and a half away). I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow so it wasn't so bad of a wait.