Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 7

Here we are, the last night before D-Day.

It got harder and harder to concentrate today. I was optimistic and then terrified, then optimistic and then terrified. I went to yoga tonight and as soon as I took off my glasses to meditate there were tears. I barely held it together for the rest of the class, but a hug from the teacher afterwards made me fall apart, and now I'm just ready to go to bed.

Still spotting. Still optimistic. Still terrified.


  1. Oh, hon, hang in there. It's a tough wait. I am so, so crossing everything that it'll be happy news for you.xx

  2. I can't focus today. I feel like I need to send every ounce of love in you and Cory's direction. I know that doesn't realistically do anything but the superstitious part of me thinks it does!! So hopeful for good news.....