Saturday, February 28, 2015


* Yesterday I had food poisoning. It was real real fun. Luckily it only lasted just the one day - I'm fine today!

* This morning I "saw" Ivy. She kicked and my whole belly jumped. It was weird but awesome.

* Today my dad and sister came down and we had brunch and then took a little trip out to the beach. Linus came too and now he's tired.

* Tomorrow is my birthday. I will officially be of "advanced maternal age." :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sweet Night

I've been worried off and on about Ivy since my weird sickness a couple of weeks ago. Even though the midwife told me to expect a slowdown in movement after the first signs, it seemed weird that it practically disappeared so abruptly when I started feeling icky. A few days ago, I even complained to my friend about it online. When I'm tired, my imagination kicks into overdrive and I start thinking things like "what if I killed her by being sick?!" (Of course, after a night of sleep everything is better.)

The night after my chat with my friend, I dreamed that Ivy gave a great big kick, and my hand had happened to be on my belly so I felt it that way too, so in my dream I rushed over to the computer to tell my friend about it. And then the next afternoon, Ivy had a dance party. I drove to rehearsal an hour away, listening to music the whole time, and then sang for two hours and drove back, and particular songs were apparently more fun to dance to than others. (She was super active during our run-through of Tomkins' O, Let me Live!) She's been pretty active ever since.

Last night, Cory finished a big project that had taken months of work and a lot of stress and long hours, and so he finally had the time and brain capacity to just lie in bed with me for a little while instead of working into the wee hours and falling asleep apart from me. I had something weird going on with my stomach (not heartburn, but it felt like lying down was a bad idea) so I was reclining on a few pillows in the dark with my hand on my belly, and Cory was talking to me about random work-related things... and Ivy kicked my hand. It was just a little kick, but it was obvious that it wasn't my heartbeat or digestion or something, it was a definite kick. So I grabbed Cory's hand and put it on my belly as he talked, and tried to listen to what he was saying, but I was so over the moon that it was hard to concentrate. When he was done with his story, I said "I put your hand there because I just felt Ivy kick my hand." He said "oh, really? Wow!" and then got really quiet, concentrating. He fell asleep like that, without feeling anything, and when he finally rolled over and moved his hand I put my hand back on my belly and fell asleep too.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our New Trailer!

We had a local builder make us a teardrop trailer! It was supposed to be finished in November, but numerous setbacks (such as an uncooperative door manufacturer) made it so that he couldn't finish until this week, and he delivered it to us yesterday!

The biggest reason that we decided to go with a custom build was that we wanted a space for Ivy to sleep as well. Inside the cabin, the cabinet door face folds down, and all we need to do is add a little bed up there. (And some kind of railing so she doesn't fall onto our faces if she's restless.) The bunk will work until she's about 100 pounds, and I'm assuming she won't fit in the bunk by then.

The cabinets in their normal configuration, and folded out into the bunk.

The trailer was delivered to our office, so we had to tow it home. We have never towed anything before, so after half a mile we pulled over into the fairgrounds to inspect our hitch work, and I was able to lift the trailer right off of the ball! That was kind of scary. I think we might just have too big of a ball, which is annoying since the builder told us what size to get. So we very carefully drove the rest of the way home to avoid bumps, and pushed it onto our back patio where it would be safe (since we don't have room in the garage and we don't have a lock for the tongue). My friend, who has a lot of knowledge about trailers, will come visit on Saturday and look at why it wouldn't latch correctly.

Now we have a list of things we need to purchase for it - a battery and a cover to start with. I can't wait to try it out, and I hope that Ivy loves camping in it!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trout Loves Ivy

I took a break from knitting when I realized Trout was cuddling the belly. (Cats have a way of sneaking up on your lap without you noticing - or at least mine do.)


Phew, I feel so much better. That was not a fun few days. Still not 100% sure what was wrong (and still not 100% better but pretty close), but somewhere in the mixture of time, sleep, prune juice, Colace, and lots of water, something worked. I'm still a little tender, especially when I eat food that's not fantastically good for me, but at least I can be upright and functional and not in pain.

I also bought cranberry juice, just in case a UTI was part of the problem. I found some "pure cranberry juice" which I took to mean no apple or pear juice (which is what's usually added to cut the juice), but it's PURE pure cranberry juice. As in cranberries and water. No sugar at all. It takes about half a glass for me to get used to it, and then it's pretty good, but boy is it puckery.

I started on a cardigan for Ivy last night. I've got about an inch and a half done. No idea if it will ever fit her, but it's fun to make something. I need to go through the internets and see what other kinds of patterns I can find for fun baby stuff. But today, it's nice to spend awhile just sitting and enjoying the sunshine and spring-like temperatures and knitting. I knitted with a friend for a couple of hours this morning at an almost deserted coffee shop - I love those mornings that you feel like you're the only one out in the world, especially when it's 9am!

Tomorrow starts one of the busiest weeks of the year at work. Some years are busier than others and so far this is a busier year - let's hope I'm wrong! (I guess the silver lining is that the week will fly by and I may get some overtime out of it!)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Ow.

I laid on the couch after work last night and after awhile I took a couple of Tylenol, which helped calm the cramping down. After a 45-minute nap, Cory woke me up to go to bed, where I had a fitful night, tossing and turning, feeling like there was a rock in my intestines. I called in sick for the morning, and then the whole day, trying to get some sleep and attempting different positions, hoping it'd shift the rock. I took some Colace, drank orange juice, and just got back from a walk to try to induce some movement. I don't know what it is - my initial thought was constipation, and maybe that's it. Colace doesn't help super quickly, and the pain kinda wraps around to my lower right back, which I hear can be a symptom. I'm not dehydrated though, and yesterday's lunch was a huge salad with kale and tomatoes and radishes... all I know is that I'm quite frustrated to not be able to shake this, and there's always that little niggling thought in the back of my mind that it might be affecting Ivy. Even though if this IS constipation it's common and isn't affecting her at all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Ol' BH

I slept too long on my left side and my left hip feels bruised now. Ow.

Also, I think I'm starting to experience Braxton Hicks contractions. They don't feel like what I've heard other people describe, so maybe they're not. I don't know. They're not just a tightening of the lower abdomen, they feel like period cramps. And my lower back is achy too. They happened at lunchtime yesterday for an hour or so, and then they happened when I jumped in the shower this morning. I laid down this morning for a few minutes and they went away, and also I think I'm not drinking enough water, both of which sound common to BHs.

They're no fun, but I'm not worried enough to call the doc yet. If they keep happening for several days or they get worse or anything, I'll be calling, at least to get it on my chart.

Monday, February 9, 2015

21-week Appointment

Today I had an OB appointment. It felt so good going into it - I wasn't nervous at all, coming off of the ultrasound and starting to be able to feel Ivy's movements.

Weight and blood pressure were great. I asked about what allergy medicine I could use (same as I always do - though I'm still a little nervous about taking it), and if waking up sometimes on my back was bad (not really, as I get bigger it'll be uncomfortable for me to be on my back and it'll wake me up).

Then she went over the ultrasound results. Ivy looked wonderful, she said, but one thing that concerns her a little bit is a fibroid in my lower abdomen that might grow big enough to block the birth canal, which would result in a c-section. She said they'd still let me try for a vaginal delivery, and she'd seen women with 10-12cm fibroids give birth just fine. Mine is 6cm with a potential to grow because of the pregnancy hormones.

We also went over the chronic hypertension issue. Because I'm at a higher risk of pre-eclampsia, I'll be going in for monthly ultrasounds, take a 24-hour urine test (where I collect it for 24 hours and they can measure the protein in it), and then twice-a-week one-hour monitoring appointments (non-stress tests, I think) after 32 weeks.

Then on the way out, the scheduler said I needed to schedule a 28-week appointment, because all women need to come in at 28 and 32 weeks. It just happens to be the week that I'm in Dallas on a business trip, which I explained, and asked if I could do it the following Monday. She said nope. So I said I'd have to call in to schedule it later, which I did, with someone else, for the Friday before my 28th week (27 weeks 6 days). So there.

So it was kind of a mixed-bag appointment. I was happy to see that even though I don't think I've been eating very well, I haven't gained enough for anyone to be concerned. And it is nice to know that they're taking such great care with me, making sure that they catch any potential problems early. But the c-section possibility is weighing heavy on me. I know that the important thing is a healthy baby at the end. Everyone says that having a birth planned out and pinning my hopes on the plan happening the way I want it to is silly. But I can't help wanting the best of both worlds - a healthy baby born naturally. Today's news wasn't a death knell for natural birth, but it makes me sad that it eventually might be.

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Can Feel Her

I've had a couple more kicks in the last few days, but what I suddenly noticed this morning (bear with me) is that... I can tell she's there now. It's hard to explain - kind of like when you eat a really big greasy meal and you feel it sitting in a ball in your stomach? That's kind of how it feels; not kicking really but kind of squirming around sometimes, or just... she's there. It's just so strange. And awesome. :)