Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We have Zygotes!

The doc called this morning with the numbers: out of 32 eggs collected, 24 were mature, and of those, 18 (75%) were fertilized normally! That's better than the 70% rate they like to see. So today is Day 1, and on Day 3 a nurse will call to let me know how they're doing and when to come in for the transfer.

Apparently yesterday when they were wrapping up, the doctor told C that it was likely they'd only transfer one embryo because of my risk of OHSS. I was a little disappointed when I heard that afterwards, mostly because of the decreased opportunity for only one embryo to implant. But it would be much easier and cheaper to take care of one little one! And OHSS complications are not very much fun (and last longer when one is pregnant).

My mom was happy to hear the news. She is calling them her Grandzygotes already. :)

I took today off work again, and have been sleeping here and there. Still feeling pretty swollen and uncomfortable. But I'm off the pain meds, so that's progress!

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