Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stims Check #1

After dropping C off at work, I ran up to get my estradiol tested. I was early, and was able to get into the blood test chair ten minutes before my appointment, which was good - I was hoping to get back to work to catch the tail end of a teleconference. But then the nurse asked me if I needed to use the restroom before the (transvaginal) ultrasound. Surprise!

I stripped down and wrapped the sheet around me and sat on the table... and sat... and sat for just over half an hour until the on-call doctor made it in with a resident and a nurse in tow. The nurse went to her place at the computer behind my head, and the doctor got started, but when he started measuring my uterus the nurse said "I've got computer problems, hold on a minute." So I got to lie there with the ultrasound wand for a couple of minutes while the nurse tinkered, and then we continued. It didn't take long; he measured several follicles (he wasn't even that interested in being accurate with a count because it's early yet, but there were at least 8 on one side and closer to 12 on the other I think, and they were all 6-8mm across) and measured a couple of fibroids (one of them he was a little concerned about interfering with the uterus so he was going to review my chart but I'm not too concerned because my doc wasn't concerned when he saw them last time). And then he spent another couple of minutes panning around my organs for the resident. I was glad I had put too much time on the meter!

This afternoon they called and said my estradiol was at 346, which was too high for a day 4 level, so they're having me back off on the Follistim by 50 units and they'll see me again on Thursday.

...and I missed the teleconference. :)

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  1. If you have time for a coffee date on one of your trips to Portland we'd be happy to meet up with you! Just let me know :-)