Monday, August 29, 2011

Pre-Retrieval Jitters

Been a little jittery today, with retrieval thoughts in the back of my head, behind all of my work projects and underneath all the conversations in my meetings. It was mostly present in my feeling nauseated most of the day, just a little bit, like I had a migraine but without the headache. I ended up taking my lunch break in the car with a towel over my face and the windows down, and slept for awhile. That helped. I was worried a bit about OHSS but it's too early for that.

While I was bored yesterday, I counted: 46 needles have been in my belly and in my arm for one reason or another since we started IVF.

Tonight is the dreaded (but only by my husband) enema, in preparation for surgery. Seriously, he is more freaked out by it than giving me shots and can't even be in the same room while I do it. I have no idea why. It's like the least of my worries. We're all stocked up on Gatorade (to replenish electrolytes) and food, and I vacuumed, and will prepare the couch to receive me post-procedure. The only thing we didn't do was get my pain medications, which the RE was supposed to have called down to my pharmacy but my pharmacy had no record of it as of an hour ago. So we'll ask the RE when we get up there tomorrow; maybe they can redirect it to the pharmacy at the hospital instead. I kind of want those meds.

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