Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stims Check #2

Raced up to the clinic (it's about 75 miles away) for my second estradiol test and ultrasound this morning. Same on-call doctor, different resident, and I got the big room, which was nice. The resident looked like he was from Israel or someplace similar; and again I hung out for awhile after the follicles were measured so that the doc could show the resident around my organs.

So my follicles are now about 10-12mm, and my estradiol was 1097 (big jump!) so now I'm backing off on the Menopur; only doing 1 powder vial instead of 2. And I can tell things are going on in there; sometimes I feel like I have golf balls for ovaries and sometimes I just feel kind of full. Not super uncomfortable though. And I'm not moody at all (I don't think; maybe I should ask C!) which I'm happy about - the birth control made me moodier than the stims!

Afterwards, my friend E and her daughter L were kind enough to meet me downstairs and we chatted and played in the grass and the water fountain and the dirt for an hour. E has been my go-to girl online when I want to talk about this IF thing, and she's been so supportive; it's great being able to visit in person once in awhile. And her toddler is super cute too.

So back I go on Saturday! I'm looking forward to it; since I don't have to rush back down to go to work straight away. I'll stick around in the city for a few hours first.

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