Monday, August 1, 2011


The clinic just called. "We got your fax for your husband's blood draw results and we noticed that he didn't get an RPR done [for syphillus]! If he can get it done before Thursday we can go ahead with the procedure even though we're technically not supposed to without the results..."

So my local lab is supposed to be calling me back. They'd better be quick. (They also forgot to check his cholesterol levels when they tested him last time, so I guess I'm not surprised that they missed the syphillus screen too.) Thanks, clinic, for being so quick to look at my fax and call me back! (It was only a week!)

Update: Crisis averted. C was able to get a hold of the local clinic after they should have been closed and he's got his blood test tomorrow morning. We'll likely have the results by our Thursday RE appointment if they hurry up!

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