Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stims Check #3 - almost there!

Had my third check today. The nurse who took my blood put the tourniquet on way too tight so it hurt more than the needle, which hurt more than usual because with the too-tight tourniquet my arm was more sensitive. Then she had issues getting the bandage on (it popped off the first time she tried), and put that on too tight too, saying "well, that's not the prettiest job I've done..."

Then I had my ultrasound. My ovaries are now 1.5" across now, which makes sense considering they feel like golf balls. My lining is getting thicker, which is kind of fun to see, and the follicles are all close to 16-17mm. The doctor said they were super close but he wanted one more check tomorrow, just to be sure. He tentatively scheduled the retrieval for Tuesday - coming up quick! It'll be nice to stop the stims. There is bloating, and I'm pretty sure I now know why they prescribed an enema for the night before. (I Googled it just now, though, and people don't really complain about it until they start taking progesterone, so I don't know what's going on.) I don't really want to ever button my pants again, basically. For the sake of my coworkers, I'll be happy when this part is done. :)

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