Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Bags are Packed!

Yesterday marked 36 weeks, and though I really hope Ivy waits a few more weeks before she makes her debut, we are ready to go in case she wants to be a little early.

My clothes and snacks (from top left):
The bag (it's a carry-on-sized roller bag, and there's room to spare in there)
Ratty old slippers (17 years old!) and flip flops (the kind made from yoga mats) for walking the halls
See's candy to bribe thank the nurses for being so good to us during our stay
Luna bars for me and for Cory
Honey sticks
Two pairs of pajama pants to wear in the hospital, either while I'm laboring or after Ivy is born (we have been told we'll probably stay for two nights, and maybe three if we have to have a c-section)
Two nursing camisoles
Two light wrap sweaters
Two nursing bras
Light robe
Thick socks
Going-home stuff (I'll probably wear a camisole and sweater, and if I don't feel like wearing pajama pants home I'll wear this - it's a maternity skirt)

Not pictured:
Water bottle with a straw (Camelbak)
Coconut water
String cheese (if I don't eat it all before we go!)
Phone/iPad and charger (in my purse already)
Nightgown for laboring, so that I don't have to wear the hospital gown (but it's a pullover so if I end up having to have an IV or something I may have to switch to the hospital gown)

My toiletries (from left):
Pillbox with prenatals and blood pressure meds (4 of each)
Mouthwash (recommended by the birth class instructor - in case I puke)
Cetaphil body wash
Hair tie/clip
Shampoo & conditioner

Not pictured:
Coverup (I don't wear makeup, besides a tiny bit of coverup if needed, and may not even use coverup while I'm in the hospital. We shall see.
Lip balm (it's in my purse already)

Ivy's stuff:
Diaper bag (Skip Hop)
Pajamas in various sizes (newborn and 0-3 months)
Blanket for the car seat
Baby book
Burp rags (though I don't think we'll need them)
Nursing pillow
Nail clippers/file in case she has gnarly fingernails (so she won't scratch herself)
Mittens (again for the scratching)
Nursing pads/lanolin

Not pictured:
Car seat

Cory's stuff:
Pajama pants
Cory's bag (Columbia messenger bag, though his stuff may have fit into my roller bag)
A few shirts (he's hoping to not have to go home at all, even during the recovery time)

Not pictured:
Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush)
Phone charger

The hospital provides a lot of stuff, and so some of what we're bringing might be overkill, but we want to be prepared. We also live less than ten minutes away from the hospital so it's not a big deal for Cory to run home if he needs to, or to send a family member out to run an errand for us.


  1. Lip balm. Birthing and breathing=dry lips.

    1. It's in my purse already so I didn't take a photo of it - I'm sure I'm going to use a ton of it!

    2. I forgot it with my first!! Ah!! Horror!!

  2. I also brought the whole collection of earth mama baby stuff. The lanolin for nipples stains but the earth baby balm for nipples does not leave permanent goo marks in anything it touches.

    1. Ooh, thanks for that - I got just a little tube of lanolin which I may use for the soakers I'm knitting and look for the nipple butter. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I've been looking for a few "what to pack" resources and this is the best I've found!