Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Busy Day!

Yesterday was a busy day.

First, we had a lunchtime baby shower at work! This is our last one. We got some really nice gifts from the gang, and got to cross some more stuff off of our registry. (In fact, we only have a few more things - mostly first aid and diapers - that we need to get ourselves! That's so awesome!)

I feel like I'm starting to get that late-pregnancy ballooning - not long now!

Then I went to my first monitoring appointment. Cory couldn't come, which was fine 'cause it's just sitting in a recliner with belts on for awhile. I went in expecting for it to take over an hour, but apparently Ivy was accommodating 'cause she moved around a lot while I was sitting there, so I only had to be in the chair for about 20 minutes.

I took a couple of photos and a video for Cory. The doctor came in and did a super quick ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid, and explained a little more about the monitoring, and assured me that even though the machine beeped a few times and her heart rate fluctuated between 118 and 160, she was doing exactly what she was supposed to. (I also got to see a fleeting glance of her face, which is starting to look chubby and super cute.)

Then I ran home for a quick bite, picked up Cory and we went to birth class. We got to tour a birth room! It wasn't optimal 'cause all of their delivery rooms were full, so we had to tour a back-up room which didn't have all of the things that the other rooms had. But it was still nice to walk around and see where we were going to spend some time in a little over a month. The instructor showed us how to use the squat bar and told us over and over not to allow many visitors for very long while we were in there, to facilitate bonding and rest.

After the tour, we got to go back and sit down, thank goodness - my back was unhappy about standing around for an hour - and we watched a video of several women during early and active labor and pushing. I stole a couple of glances around the room, and found that I'm the only one who cried. I can't not cry when I watch birth videos, they get me every time.

And now I'm off to the fire station to have them check on the car seat - it's their inspection open house this morning. I think we installed it correctly but let's see if I'm right.

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