Monday, May 18, 2015

Monitoring and Nesting

I'm pretty sure the nesting urge has started! On Friday, our carpets were cleaned, courtesy of my very generous boss. It was really hard not to run up there as soon as I got home from work on Friday evening so that I could put everything back the way it was, but the carpet took awhile to dry (of course we hit a cool and damp few days rather than warm sunny ones) so I wasn't able to do it until Sunday.

So Sunday morning was straightening-up time. I also made some closet dividers so that I didn't have to keep checking the tags of all of Ivy's hanging clothes.

I had been thinking about running to the store and buying some $20 organization kit but I changed my mind and used a box from one of our many recent Amazon purchases, a Sharpie, and some tags that were on a gift we received at one of the baby showers. I think they turned out pretty good for being kind of thrown together, but that was part of the point - I wanted them to look rustic and extra-DIY.

I also worked on my hospital bag. I'm starting to get worried that I'll be induced before my due date, so I decided it'd be a good idea to get ready. I have almost everything packed (or at least set aside to throw into the bag when it's time) and I'll post a photo of everything once I've finished. I'm not going to load the car because we don't have a trunk (well, we do, but we have a Forester so you can see into it from outside) and I don't want anyone to be tempted. Instead, I'm hoping that if I end up going to a monitoring appointment and having to be admitted, that I can ask for an hour and pick Cory up (since he's not coming to these appointments) and run home to grab everything. Eep, it's feeling more and more real every day.

I also spent some of Sunday doing some research on chronic hypertension during late pregnancy. I wrote out a few questions for the doctor, and am going to borrow a blood pressure cuff from a coworker so that I can start logging.

This weekend also saw me take two naps. One of which ended at 8pm on Sunday night, an hour before I normally go to bed. I was worried that I'd have trouble going back to sleep but nope.

This morning was monitoring. My blood pressure was pretty high again, and after they retested once I'd been sitting for awhile it was 140/90. Which is right on the threshold of uh-oh-bad. The doctor came in and told me that she wasn't going to up my blood pressure meds, and I don't have the weight gain or swelling that they usually see pretty quickly if it's preeclampsia, but she sent me across the street for a blood and urine test just to rule that stuff out. She asked how much I'd had to drink so far that morning and I said "a cup or two of tea..." thinking she was asking about whether I'd need more water in order to provide a urine sample, but she said "ack - drink more water. That could be the reason why your blood pressure is elevated." So for the next while, I'll be taking it easy (not that I was doing any hard-core exercising to begin with) and drinking lots more water (I may go buy some watermelon and coconut water and stuff too, so that I can find other good ways to stay hydrated), and hoping that I don't get sent to L&D after the next appointment.

EDITED TO ADD: I got the cuff from my coworker and tested just for fun - and got 115/79. So either I have white coat hypertension or this cuff is calibrated wrong. In any case, I'll be testing twice a day until Thursday morning and will take the cuff with me so I can test at the same time as the nurse and see what happens.

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