Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And March is Here

24-and-a-half weeks pregnant, birthday come and gone, and we're running headlong into the third trimester! Time is flying!

We have friends visiting in the next couple of days, so I've spent the last few evenings after work cleaning the house. It has really needed it - the sun we've been enjoying lately keeps shining on all the dirt that accumulated in here over the winter, by muddy dogs and hairy cats and having better things to do than clean. Today was bathroom day; I cleaned two of them, and it was harder than I thought it was going to be. Not because they were particularly terrible, but the belly was getting in my way and I got tired before I was finished. I bonked my knee on the toilet and cried over it too, which was dumb because it didn't hurt very much. I think it's just fatigue and hormones.

This weekend I HAVE to do my 24-hour urine collection. I put it off all month, and now I get to do it with visitors here. That's what happens when you procrastinate, kids. Then Monday is my next appointment. I think this is the happiest and least stressed out month that I've had so far; it's been really nice to just enjoy everything.

I did an impromptu, unofficial kick count last night in bed. I'd been slightly worried that Ivy's not as active as she should be, which is not based in fact at all, but more based on comparing myself to people who are farther along than me. I know, real rational. So I timed (in my head) how long it took for her to kick me ten times last night, and it was something like 5 minutes tops. I think she's OK.

The birthday present I bought myself arrived today! I wanted a piece of baby-name jewelry, or her birthstone, or something to wear, and I settled on a tiny silver ivy leaf. Hopefully it's subtle, I didn't want it to scream I'M WEARING A NECKLACE FOR IVY!


  1. Aw, I love the necklace, that's very cute (and subtle). I want to get something with a birthstone, but I'll have to wait until baby is here as my due date is Sept. 2, too close to Aug. to call. (And who knows, sometimes babies have minds of their own and come even earlier!)

    1. Thanks! Nobody that I know in person has commented on it yet so I think it's suitably subtle. :D I looked at birth stones (June 20th here so it was pretty certain to be June) but I like the simplicity of this one. Congratulations on finding out about your little one, by the way!!