Saturday, February 28, 2015


* Yesterday I had food poisoning. It was real real fun. Luckily it only lasted just the one day - I'm fine today!

* This morning I "saw" Ivy. She kicked and my whole belly jumped. It was weird but awesome.

* Today my dad and sister came down and we had brunch and then took a little trip out to the beach. Linus came too and now he's tired.

* Tomorrow is my birthday. I will officially be of "advanced maternal age." :)


  1. Welcome to AMA!
    I entered that club nearly five years ago!

    And, it still doesn't mean a thing really. :)

    1. And Happy Birthday, of course!

    2. Thank you!
      I'm glad that it doesn't mean anything. Before we got pregnant the fact that it was creeping up on me made me so nervous, even though logically I knew it wasn't some hard date when everything would fail.