Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Urine Test and 25 Week Appointment

Yesterday the OB's office called to tell me that my midwife was out and they needed to reschedule for this afternoon. It was actually fortuitous because at lunch I was able to run and grab the jugs for my urine collection, so I'd be done in time for the appointment. Woot! There were good things and bad things about the collection - mainly that I was able to increase my water intake when I noticed I was a little dehydrated, but I did it too late in the evening and was sorry later: I was up every two hours. And in-between that, I had all kinds of bad dreams, including one where I accidentally peed in the toilet instead of the sample catcher thing. Heh.

I just got home from dropping off the sample and having my appointment. It was pretty routine, they measured me and Dopplered me and all that fun stuff. I've only gained 3 pounds since last time, which was surprising. Ivy's heartbeat sounded perfect. And now I have more tests - the glucose test, iron test, and an Rh antibodies test (though I think I'm A positive so I shouldn't need that one), and another ultrasound. I'll do the first three right before we head to Dallas on the 28th, and the ultrasound right after we get back. I'm excited to see Ivy again, but I'm not excited to see if the fibroid has grown. Leave me alone, fibroid.

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