Saturday, March 7, 2015

Well, Crap.

I procrastinated all month with this 24-hour urine test thing. I was going to do it two weekends ago, but forgot, and then last weekend was my birthday, so I resigned myself to doing it when we had friends over for the weekend because it was my last chance before my next appointment on Monday (and the midwife said "do it in the next month!")

The midwife had told me that the lab was open on Saturdays from 8-noon so I headed over there shortly after 8 this morning, and the doors were all locked and the posted hours were Monday-Friday. Crap. So I went back to the car and cried for awhile (the hormone-fueled emotions are coming back!) and got mad at the midwife for giving me wrong information and at Cory for not going with me to the appointment and at myself for being an idiot. Hopefully I don't get in trouble at my appointment.

Speaking of our friends being over, it's been fun to chat with them because they're 10 days further along than we are, so we've been comparing symptoms and talking about heavy future-parenting stuff. Makes me wish we lived closer to each other.

Also, I finished Ivy's sweater. I still need to wash it before it's REALLY finished, so I'll throw a picture up here when that's done.

Time to start thinking about dinner.

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