Friday, March 27, 2015

Testing, Testing

Yesterday was my big blood test day. I did an iron test, antibody test, and the glucose test.

I checked in at the lab, and the check-in lady said "you are so much happier than most of the mamas I see! They're all hungry (fasting for their glucose test) and in a bad mood." I have never really felt ravenous during this pregnancy, though, so I was fine. (I did bring a Clif bar, though, for afterwards.)

After the first blood draw, I settled in with my iPad and a book (Ina May's Guide to Childbirth), and did some people-watching as well, as most people are in and out of the lab and don't stay for three hours (except for two other glucose testers). The glucose drink wasn't bad at first but got worse as I drank it. It hadn't been refrigerated and I think that made it a little worse. Then for an hour afterwards I felt kind of like a lava lamp with a blob of sugary syrup floating around in my belly. After that I felt better. One of the other mamas had waited for over an hour, rather than half an hour, after her first blood test because they forgot to bring her glucose out to her - I was glad I wasn't her! The book and iPad made the three hours go by pretty quickly, but I did stand up and walk around a couple of times.

For my second draw, the phlebotomist took some extra so that they could use it to update their "normal level" calculations for various blood tests.

Cory was so busy at work (we're leaving tomorrow to work a conference) that he couldn't leave the office until I was finished, so I walked in his direction as he drove in mine. It ended up being a good excuse to get some exercise in.

This morning we had our 28-week appointment, which was strange timing as I'm going back for my monthly appointment in two weeks. The doc said that everything looked great with the bloodwork. She measured me, and it was crazy how far up my uterus is now - almost to my ribcage. It was kind of nice because I've been measuring around my waist and the measurement hasn't really grown all that much, so it was nice to know that things were still looking normal for fundal height. She also Dopplered me, and the heartbeat was loud and sounded faster than last time. She said it was on the low end of normal though - maybe she was asleep?

Tomorrow we head to Dallas for our conference. I have the middle seat and Cory has windows the whole way, so hopefully I either know the person on the aisle (a group of us from work are going on the same flight) or they understand that I'll have to get up a fair amount.

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