Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's Going On, in Bullets

* I'm getting to that point where I'm HOT. It mostly happens at night - I go to bed with a couple of blankets, and when I get up to pee for the first time in the middle of the night, I get all overheated and spend the rest of the night with no blankets. Some days are that way too; hopefully it won't happen too often 'cause I get cranky when I'm hot.

* Ivy's kicks are always lower down in my belly, close to my pelvis. Last night, though, I felt it higher up a bit. I think maybe she was punching me!

* I feel bigger but I measure myself here and there and haven't actually gotten tons bigger. I think it's just the way I'm carrying.

* After big meals, especially dinner, I feel extra gross. I need to remember to eat more slowly, and a little less in the evenings, 'cause ugh.

* Things that were easy for me to do before are starting to get harder. I was trying to sit on the floor to do some work and it killed my back. Child's pose in yoga (as well as lots of other things, like kicking up into headstand) is no good anymore. I was putting signs on pallets today and tried to turn sideways to fit between a couple of them, and that totally didn't work either. I think I'm about as deep as I am wide now.

* I got my urine test results. My protein level was 128, I think, and normal is 50-150, they say. I'm happy that it's in the normal range, but I don't know if it being on the higher end of normal is good. Next Thursday is my glucose test, and on Friday I go in to talk about the results. And then we're off to Dallas next Saturday to work a Conference.

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