Friday, December 5, 2014


About an hour ago I felt something I haven't felt in awhile, and so I ran off to the restroom to check - and sure enough, it was a little gush of bright red blood. I didn't have my OB's number with me at work, so I called the hospital's main number and asked to be connected. After a moment or two of confusion, I realized the switchboard gave me the wrong clinic's number, so I took a deep breath and went home.

At home I checked again and am now just spotting a little bit, but I called the doctor anyway. The on-call was someone I hadn't met yet, and he wasn't particularly helpful. "I'll check your blood type to see if you're RH- and if you are I'll call you back and tell you to get a shot. Otherwise, you're 12 weeks along so your miscarriage risk is low; though if you miscarriage there's nothing you can do about it. Call us back if the bleeding increases." Thanks, knowing there's nothing I can do about it is very comforting. I did tell him I was going in for a blood pressure check on Monday and asked if I could request a doppler check while I was there and he said of course. So I'll do that, just to make myself feel a little more confident.

I'm also reading the dreaded internet to see what people say. Of course there's the little risk of miscarriage sprinkled in the postings, but most people are saying they bled a bit and everything was fine. I don't have any cramping, though my uterus feels heavy and taut and I have a little twinging.

The doctor never called back (or at least hasn't yet and it's been 10 minutes) so I'm guessing I don't have the RH- issue. So I'm going to have some tea and lie on the couch and breathe a little.


  1. More often than not, everything is perfectly fine.
    Hang in there and keep us posted.

    1. That's what I'm reading, so I'm trying not to think about all the what-ifs - I think it'll be easier today than last night when I was tired and hormonal!