Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pineapple Express

It has been pouring rain all day today. We had been planning on missing this Pineapple Express by driving to Cory's sister's house in Texas, but most of the family caught the flu a couple of days ago so we decided to play it safe for Grass-fed's sake and stay home. (We also didn't want them to have to host people when they felt icky!) So with five days until Christmas, our plans have totally changed and now I have things on my to-do list that should have been done weeks ago had we planned on staying here. I need to decorate, and plan a Christmas dinner, and get some presents for Dad and his wife, who are coming down to visit on Thursday.

I'm glad that it's been so gross outside, actually, After the hormone-fest of the last couple of days, and all the stress of being behind at work, it feels pretty nice to just putter around the house today. I've spent a lot of time mostly horizontal, punctuated by a shower and lunch-making (grilled cheese and tomato soup, of course - I mean, look at it out there!). I feel bad for the pup, who would rather be out playing fetch, but the kitties are quite happy to be cuddly and warm and lazy with me.

We may yet get a Christmas tree tonight, but that remains to be seen. Cory's napping and I'm really enjoying this bathrobe...

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