Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Babby

OB appointments in the morning are the best. No waiting around!

I woke up this morning way happier than yesterday. It probably had something to do with me going to bed at 7:30 last night. I wasn't nervous at all; just happy to be going to see the doctor and hear the baby.

After a weigh-in and a blood pressure check, the doctor came in and talked to me a little about the spotting. She wasn't worried at all, even though it's been happening for two weeks. She also gave me some reading materials for mental and emotional health during pregnancy, 'cause Cory told her about yesterday's meltdown and how concerned he was about it. She told me to get some more exercise and rest, and not to worry too much about it unless it starts affecting work and personal relationships.

Then we got down to business: the Doppler! It took her a little while longer to find the heartbeat than last time, but eventually there it was. We heard a little static partway through, and the doctor said "that was movement!" I was happy to hear that - I hadn't seen any movement on any of our ultrasounds besides the heart flickering, so I'm happy to know it's squirming around in there.

Then I came to work and mistyped a message to my friend that it was a happy babby. But I like it, so it will be a babby for awhile. (Even though I'm not the first person to type it that way - Yahoo Answers denizens got there first!)

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  1. So good to hear! I'm sure your feeling much better and re-assured. Now get going on that nursery! :)