Friday, November 28, 2014


I love the early part of a long weekend, where I can see more than one full day of nothing stretched out in front of me. Ahh, it's great.

Thanksgiving was quiet but nice. My cousin's two girls were the life of the party, as all kids are during family events. The younger one (8 months I think) bounced around in her little bouncer-saucer thing and smiled a lot, and the older one (3 years) named our fetus Grass-fed. Not sure where she came up with that, not even her parents know. It was pretty funny.

Cory is still deathly ill with the flu (respiratory, not tummy). He didn't work at all this week, couldn't make it to Thanksgiving, and was only up for two hours before he gave up and went back upstairs. I'm so glad I haven't gotten it, but I hate when he's sick. Hopefully he'll feel good enough to help me put Christmas lights up this weekend.

In other news, today is my first two-tablet day as I start weaning off of the progesterone suppositories! Yay! Only ten days now and then I'll be completely off all fertility drugs. I counted the rest of my stock the other day and realized that I was short THREE tablets. I really wasn't excited about going all the way back up to Portland for just three pills so I took a chance and asked my Oregon Infertility Facebook group if anyone had any extras, and someone from Eugene happens to have several tablets that she's going to mail to me! And she doesn't even want anything for them! I'll have to think of a nice thank-you.

Also, based on the due date that my OB gave me, I had to adjust how far along I actually am: 11 weeks tomorrow instead of yesterday. Doesn't make too much of a difference but this has felt like an extra long week as a result.

It's windy and raining and miserable outside today (i.e. normal Oregon weather for November) and the dog is staring at me because he wants me to throw the ball for him and he doesn't care if the rain is falling sideways and pelting the windows. Boo. Let's see how long I can put him off (and thus stay in my pajamas and under this blanket)...


  1. Poor Cory, hope he feels better soon!! And 'yay' for weaning off the progesterone, that's quite a milestone in itself.xx

    1. He finally feels better! Things started looking up over the weekend and he's back to normal now. I wish I could say the same thing, I'm all snotty and cough-y.