Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Preparation

It's almost surreal, this FET. I know it's going to happen, and I'm taking active steps towards making it happen, but I don't really feel like it's happening.

My blood test results came back quickly; ORM left me a message while we were eating lunch right after our consultation. Thyroid was 1.21 (below 2.5 is good) and Vitamin D was 38.07 (also good).

The financial counselor emailed me with an estimate for the procedure ($2913 plus medications), along with a financial agreement and credit card authorization for me to sign and return.

The embryologist called with instructions on how to move the blastocysts from OHSU to ORM and followed up with an email containing a waiver for me to sign and return.

I have lab orders for blood tests for Cory and me, and also a prescription for birth control, in my IVF bag. I need to get moving on those.

The last teensy thing that's standing in the way, now, is a return phone call from OHSU about my "inventory." I remember making the decision a couple of years ago to let them go, that I didn't want them anymore. But the part I can't quite remember is whether I actually signed for their release. I'm pretty sure they're still in storage because I needed a notary-signed document to send to OHSU in order to do pretty much anything with the embryos, and I never did go in search of one. At the same time, I didn't get charged by OHSU for storage fees. So I'm waiting for a call back from the embryologist at OHSU to see what the status is, and whether I'll be charged storage fees upon release (if they are still there). They haven't called in over 24 hours so I'll be calling back to ask for an update tomorrow morning. It shouldn't take two days to find out how many blastocysts I have. I assume they have a database and don't have to stand in their freezer looking for a label with "MEGAN" on it.

And then normal life keeps moving forward. I have to pack for Chicago. I have to check on the kennel and make sure they're expecting Linus. I have work to do. Work that seems way more real than an FET.

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