Friday, May 23, 2014

Counsyl Results, Chicago, and the Road Trip

I was supposed to get a phone call this Tuesday from Counsyl about the test I took for genetic diseases, but the counselor asked if she could move my appointment up to tonight. It was a super quick call - Counsyl screens for 101 genetic diseases, and they found that I am not a carrier for any of them. She reminded me that they test for the most common mutations, not the lesser-known ones, so it's not a 100% accurate test, but that's OK. I wasn't worried at all, I don't have any known issues in my family so it would have been surprising to me if they did find anything. Still, it's nice to know!

The Ledge!

Chicago was great! We had a lot of delicious but very unhealthy food, we walked a lot and took the train everywhere that was too far to walk (like from our hotel to downtown, which took about 40 minutes on the blue line), we took an architecture cruise on the river, saw the Bean, and went to the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower, 103 floors up.

Ledges at Willis Tower

I hadn't been up to the top of the tower since probably 2001, so this trip was the first time I'd been since they put in The Ledge, a 4-foot-deep glass box that you can stand in and be "outside" of the building. It was a tiny bit vertigo-inducing with the first step but after that it was really neat. We spent two seconds taking photos and then ducked back inside so that the long line of people waiting wouldn't have to wait long.

On the Glass

Look at the tiny cars way down there!

It was pretty fun to wander around and look at things and get lost in the maze of transfer stations on the subway and eat and be tourists for awhile. Cory took a million photos on his fancy camera but I haven't seen them yet; these are just the ones I grabbed with my phone.

We have a tentative embryo road trip for Tuesday morning. OHSU seems to be OK with us coming in any time before 12:30, or at least that's how I read the email, so I need to check with ORM and give them a heads-up that we'll come. I also put in the order for my birth control, and now I just have a few waivers to sign and some blood tests to do (and some financial stuff to look at) and then we should be set to go for the FET.


  1. Yay for no genetic issues to worry about. It's nice that you were able to turn this experience into a mini vacation. Way to take something crappy and make it as positive as possible!

  2. I got nausea just looking at that photo of you standing on the clear ledge!

    1. I had a second of feeling really strange as I stepped out onto the glass but once I was there it wasn't so bad. It almost doesn't look real, which helps.

  3. Good to hear the genetic tests came back all clear. I would never be able to stand in that glass bubble...barf! All the best with the upcoming embryo road trip.

    1. Thanks! I had to hold onto the edge as I stepped out but once I was there it was cool. I actually wish I could have stayed longer and looked at more stuff but the ledges were pretty popular and we had to get out of the way for people behind us in line.