Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Road Trip with the Froyos!

Today we moved our frozen embryos from our old clinic to our new clinic in preparation for our FET in the next cycle!

Cory caught a cold while we were in Chicago which had him down for the count for a couple of days, and he ended up giving it to me. I started feeling it on Sunday night, so I took NyQuil for two nights in a row and boy did I have some weird dreams. Last night I feel like I spent the entire night in weird reproductive endocrinologist waiting rooms dealing with red tape and the kind of complications that only dreams have. It was like anxiety dreams in stereo, thanks to the drugs. So I was happy to wake up this morning and realize it wasn't going to be nearly as difficult as I'd been thinking all night.

As soon as the clinic opened, I called to confirm our pickup of the embryos. They sounded like I'd caught them a little off guard (in fact, they told me they hadn't heard from me but I'd emailed them last Friday!) but they said they'd be ready for us at 10:30. So I let our new clinic know to expect us, and we started up north.

We signed our waiver in front of the embryologist (yay for not having to find a notary beforehand!) and she had us wait in a consultation room for ten minutes while she filled up the tank. I'd had visions of us transporting a tank, and thought about the photos we could take with it, but the embryologist brought it out in a tall cardboard box. Oh well.

When we got down to the car, we took a few photos with the box'o'froyos.

Proud "Parents"

People kept walking by and looking at us strangely. I wonder what they were thinking. I doubt it was "oh, their future children (if all goes well) are in that box! How cute!"

All Buckled In

We buckled them in, padded them from behind with a jacket or two, braced them in the front with a backpack, and on the side with the umbrella. We didn't want them falling over - not only would it have leaked liquid nitrogen in the car but any tiny fluctuation of temperature could spell disaster. So even after all that, Cory kept his hand on the box the entire drive to ORM. (Aww.)

Safe & Sound

At ORM, we let the receptionist know we'd arrived and then sat down in the waiting room until someone in scrubs came out of the back towards us. "Are those for me?" she asked, and then looked up at us and added "oh, my name is Breeanne." Heh. We said goodbye to the little ones and she took them in the back, and after about five minutes she came back with the empty tank and said "OK, they're safe and sound now!"

And that was it! After a quick lunch in the neighborhood (I actually used to live only about seven blocks from the clinic, about 12 years ago, and miss that area sometimes - it's nice to have an excuse to visit) we took the tank back to OHSU and then headed for home. It was probably one of the strangest and coolest things I've done in a long time!


  1. Wow, what a crazy experience! Hopefully one day you can show these pics to at least one of those little embies. Best wishes!

  2. "Froyos" is definitely my new favorite word! It's just fun to say. "Cory kept his hand on the box the entire drive to ORM." That is unbearably sweet. Best of luck to you!