Sunday, May 25, 2014

Planting the Pomegranate Tree

Yesterday at the farmer's market I ended up purchasing several potted plants in addition to the vegetables I went for - four pots of heather, a star jasmine, and a Rouge Vif D'Etampes pumpkin. I hadn't planned on doing much gardening this weekend but a friend had given me some tomatoes so I would have been digging in the dirt a little anyway.

So this morning after a breakfast of sourdough & stout toast with vegemite and butter and honey, I set out to plant what I'd purchased yesterday. I tore up the strip of front yard that originally held blue fescue and lots of weeds, and put the heather in. I transplanted my hen and chicks into a bigger pot (those things have way longer roots than I thought they would!), pulled my dead-from-the-deep-freeze apricot and jasmine and planted the new jasmine, planted the pumpkin, and then mowed the lawn.

While I did my three-plus hours of gardening, I started thinking again about planting hops in containers on the patio. I've been thinking about it for awhile and if I wanted them to grow I realized I'd better do them right now or I'd be too late. So off to Home Depot I went for some giant planters and 8' stakes and sisal and potting soil, and then to Garland Nursery for the hops.

I got four varieties: Willamette, Cascade, Nugget and Mt. Hood. Not sure what grows best around here but a variety sounded like a good idea. I have a few home brewer friends, so they'll be able to take advantage of the cones (as long as everything grows like it should). I wandered around the nursery for a few minutes looking for a pomegranate tree as well. I'd seen one there a few years ago so I knew they carried them sometimes, and I've been wanting a pomegranate for quite a while - they obviously mean a lot to me. But I didn't see one, so I got in line - and found one in a display next to the cashier. I didn't even look at the price, I just grabbed it and made it mine. For $35. Ouch.

After another three hours, I rigged up my hop trellis system, planted the tomatoes, and put the pomegranate in its new pot.

The Back Yard
It doesn't look like much but it took all day!

Patio Containers
The hen and chicks, jasmine, and dwarf pomegranate

It even has a little green fruit on it already!

Now if it would stay dry for awhile, I'm ready to put the fire pit and patio furniture out. Alas, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Of course.

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