Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our New Trailer!

We had a local builder make us a teardrop trailer! It was supposed to be finished in November, but numerous setbacks (such as an uncooperative door manufacturer) made it so that he couldn't finish until this week, and he delivered it to us yesterday!

The biggest reason that we decided to go with a custom build was that we wanted a space for Ivy to sleep as well. Inside the cabin, the cabinet door face folds down, and all we need to do is add a little bed up there. (And some kind of railing so she doesn't fall onto our faces if she's restless.) The bunk will work until she's about 100 pounds, and I'm assuming she won't fit in the bunk by then.

The cabinets in their normal configuration, and folded out into the bunk.

The trailer was delivered to our office, so we had to tow it home. We have never towed anything before, so after half a mile we pulled over into the fairgrounds to inspect our hitch work, and I was able to lift the trailer right off of the ball! That was kind of scary. I think we might just have too big of a ball, which is annoying since the builder told us what size to get. So we very carefully drove the rest of the way home to avoid bumps, and pushed it onto our back patio where it would be safe (since we don't have room in the garage and we don't have a lock for the tongue). My friend, who has a lot of knowledge about trailers, will come visit on Saturday and look at why it wouldn't latch correctly.

Now we have a list of things we need to purchase for it - a battery and a cover to start with. I can't wait to try it out, and I hope that Ivy loves camping in it!

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