Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Ow.

I laid on the couch after work last night and after awhile I took a couple of Tylenol, which helped calm the cramping down. After a 45-minute nap, Cory woke me up to go to bed, where I had a fitful night, tossing and turning, feeling like there was a rock in my intestines. I called in sick for the morning, and then the whole day, trying to get some sleep and attempting different positions, hoping it'd shift the rock. I took some Colace, drank orange juice, and just got back from a walk to try to induce some movement. I don't know what it is - my initial thought was constipation, and maybe that's it. Colace doesn't help super quickly, and the pain kinda wraps around to my lower right back, which I hear can be a symptom. I'm not dehydrated though, and yesterday's lunch was a huge salad with kale and tomatoes and radishes... all I know is that I'm quite frustrated to not be able to shake this, and there's always that little niggling thought in the back of my mind that it might be affecting Ivy. Even though if this IS constipation it's common and isn't affecting her at all.


  1. Well, I've had the exact same trouble and what worked for me (immediately) was milk of magnesia.

    It was so bad for me last weekend, my doctor wanted me to go to the hospital and get a "manual evacuation". The very thought made me want to cry so I went to the Walgreens and bought everything on the shelf. MoM was what did the trick.

    Good luck!

    1. I thought about trying that; it's worked for me pretty well in the past - the only thing that stopped me was that my bottle had expired. If this happens again, though, I'm not sure I'm going to last through three days of ow, so I may have to go get another bottle!