Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Today I had my quick blood pressure check. It turned into being away from work for almost two hours. (That sounds so ominous! But it wasn't.)

The nurse ushered me into a room and did the first check. It was higher than last time: 128 over 96. But I'd just driven across town in lunch hour traffic and rushed up the stairs, not to mention my previous hypertension, so I wasn't surprised. The nurse said she'd grab the on-call doc but that she was with someone at the moment so it'd be a few minutes. So I pulled out my book and settled in.

Almost half an hour later, the nurse came back, apologized, and tried another check. 130 over 92. Boo. So she excused herself and five minutes later a doctor came in to chat. She said I needed to go back on meds, and asked me a little about my previous blood pressure issues. I asked what this was going to mean for pre-eclampsia and she said that they'll just be monitoring me extra closely in the future. I'll likely have to go in twice a week at the end of my pregnancy, which I'm taking to mean I might be induced if things start to look worse. Guess I'd better have a hospital bag ready once those bi-weekly checks start!

I'm super unexcited about this turn of events. But I'm thankful that they caught it immediately and that they'll be watching everything closely.

In other news, one of the symptoms I'm noticing lately is a lowered immune system. I've had a cold for several days now, with a nose that gets stuffy at night especially, and now that I'm starting to feel like I'm getting over it my throat is starting to feel sick. I hope it ends up being nothing, or at least waits until after the holiday weekend. We have food to eat and Christmas lights to put up! Cory has been sick too - I'm pretty sure he has the flu and I'm so happy that I got the shot when I did. Phew.

To all my American friends, I hope you have a peaceful, calm Thanksgiving and you get to spend it with just the right people. :)

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