Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Week Between

There really isn't a lot to write about when you're in your first trimester and it's going smoothly and you have no terrible symptoms (besides the obvious, unreasonable and overplayed worry that an easy pregnancy equals a likely miscarriage). Luckily, I haven't been super worried lately, aside from a few pangs of doubt.

I met my mom at Ikea today, so we could look at cribs and dressers and other random baby-related things. I didn't buy anything but we found the crib that I'll likely get later. Mom kinda went crazy and bought a half-dozen stuffed animals and toys too, which I have to figure out where to put at some point. The nursery is quite small (around 9' x 10') and with a crib and dresser and glider chair in there, there's not a ton of space left for much else.

Symptoms are still minimal - sore chest at night, usually, though not enough to wake me up, just enough to be slightly annoying when I do wake up for the first minute or two. More thirsty than usual, which is leading to more peeing than usual. My normal portion sizes are too big and I feel overly full - I need to adjust down. Twinge-y here and there. Slightly more tired than usual, but I don't feel like the life is sucked out of me or anything. Hard to know how sensitive my nose is, because the dog seems to have fleas and is scratching a lot, and I think I'm allergic to him when he's scratching dander into the air all night, so my nose is stuffy most of the time. Still no nausea, no aversions, not much in the way of cravings (unless you count "I feel like x for dinner" which I don't). Still bloated from the progesterone, and the other day in the shower I pressed on my lower abdomen (just above my pubic bone) and it felt much more firm than usual - I'm assuming that's the uterus starting to swell.

Less than a week now until the next ultrasound. Hopefully at that appointment they'll start having me wean off of the injectables and suppositories. I had to refill the Endometrin prescription today; just two-weeks-worth was over $300. I'm ready to stop paying for all the drugs and driving three hours round trip to get them!

Oh yes - also, I spotted again last Thursday afternoon. It was mostly gone by evening, but I reluctantly decided to skip yoga and just take it easy. After it was mostly finished, I had an hour or two of really slight cramping again, and by the next morning when I called the nurse about refilling the Endometrin I mentioned it even though I knew what they were going to say about it. I took it better than the first time I saw the spotting - it ended up being on a high-emotion day so there were tears but it didn't lead to a meltdown like last time. Instead, I just skipped yoga, drank a lot of water, and tried not to worry. I'm also finding that the wait between ultrasounds is much easier this time around. I'm sure it was because the nurse was confident about how things were looking this time (compared to the doctor being pretty concerned the week before), but it's nice not to feel stressed out about it, since I know that the time between ultrasounds will be longer as soon as I leave ORM.


  1. I'm so glad things are going smoothly. Wishing you happy, healthy and hassle free pregnancy!!x