Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today, I called ARC, the company that my doctor recommended we go with for IVF financing. (The financial counselor recommended we wait until after we started our FSH, which went into effect yesterday.) And it tried to ruin my morning!

I'd called mostly expecting to get more information about my options, and figured that the questions the lady was asking me were mostly just to get me into her system, but about halfway through I realized she was filling out the credit application for me. She was pretty brusque, not really answering my questions very well and not sounding happy to be working at all. At one point she asked if I wanted my medication to be financed as well, and when I asked her if I could think about it and add it later she said "no, it needs to be on this application now; I have to send it right now." Then she asked for my annual gross salary and C's. Of course, C was out sick, and the HR manager was in an off-site meeting, so I apologized, put her on mute, and frantically tried calling C and trying to figure out how else to get that information. After a few minutes of checking in here and there with the lady and apologizing again, she asked if I wanted to call her back with it (uh, yeah, that's why I asked if I could!)

C had been asleep, which is why he didn't answer his phone, and when he woke up and called me back awhile later I was all flustered, and he was groggy and not feeling well and didn't really welcome my request to IMMEDIATELY GET ME INCOME INFORMATION, so we ended our phone conversation about as brusquely as the lady at ARC did with me.

But then I called back and talked to another lady and she was all sweetness and cheerfulness and made me feel much better. She offered to email me the form (why didn't the other lady do that?!) since apparently those forms can't be saved partway through the process, and now I'm sitting at home with signed applications ready to scan and email them back.

Too much excitement for one loan application, I say.

Oh, also, I got my bloodwork results back from last week's dribbling-into-the-vial visit. Everything looks fine except for Vitamin D, which I got a HUGE prescription for (50,000 IU per pill, to take twice a week!), but no STDs and all up to date on immunities. So that is good!


  1. That sucks! I'm glad the second person was helpful. If you're up for it I'd say a complaint was in order before this lady wrecks someone else's day!

  2. I'm glad that I ended up having to call back, otherwise I would have thought about researching another finance company!