Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today was trial transfer day. C was busy at work so he couldn't come, which was OK because I'd read the procedure wasn't that big of a deal. (My grandma came, though, to keep me company in the car and so she could be a part of the process, which was nice!)

The doctor (mine was on call, which was nice) inserted a catheter through my cervix and measured my uterus, and then he inserted an ultrasound wand as well and his assistant injected saline into my uterus while he looked at the ultrasound. He counted about a half dozen fibroids and measured them; but he said they were far enough away from the uterus that they shouldn't pose a problem for implantation. I have no idea how he could see them; I had a hard time seeing what he was looking at and I wondered why that black spot was a fibroid when this other black spot wasn't.

He also counted my follicles: 7 on one side and 12 on the other. I found a table of follicle counts and their IVF success; it looks like my 19 is a pretty good score!

It was over in 10 minutes, and then we talked briefly about the future. The doc asked if I had done all of my other screening, and I told him I'd brought the results the last time I was there; so he planned to start putting together my protocol. I didn't think quickly enough to ask when that would be ready, but I know it'll be in the next three weeks and I suppose it's OK not to know exactly when to expect their call.

Now I cross my fingers that this stuff doesn't get in the way of the renaissance faire I'm performing at next month!

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