Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Signing the Contract

Even though we were approved last Friday, it took us until today to finally sign the contract for financing. Yesterday I was on the phone with Mom and during our chat she said "if you do have twins, you won't be able to work! All your money would go to daycare!" and the more I thought about that the more the snowball rolled down the hill and the more bills and payments and worries grabbed on until I got clobbered with it. I had a rough afternoon, panicking about the next three years. Then last night and today C and I (separately and together) made peace (well, as much as we could) with adding another $330 monthly bill to our finances.

So I think that the hard decisions are through for this cycle, and now it's just the physical stuff I have to work through. My FSH and estradiol test will be coming up in about 2 weeks. Scary, but exciting.

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