Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting already? But I haven't even started!

When my doctor sent my six vials of blood to the lab, he had them do a full workup, which included cholesterol and glucose and all that stuff, just for funsies. The day after I gave the blood, his assistant called and said "you have a Vitamin D deficiency, so the doctor put in a prescription at your pharmacy for some D." So off I went to the pharmacy, and picked me up a bottle of dark green pills, with 50,000 units of vitamin D in each one. Whoa. Guess I was pretty deficient.

Anyway, I took them twice a week like a good patient, and I got back into temping every day so I could gauge when it would be about time to call the fertility clinic to get my HSG/Estradiol test done. We also tried baby-making the old-fashioned way just for kicks, right around the time I usually ovulate. Except my temp didn't jump on CD17 like usual. It waited aaaaalll the way until CD23. I'm only 8 DPO now, but I'm already to CD31 which is a couple of days longer than my average cycle. I'm assuming it's the D, but I'm not completely sure. (I s'pose it could be stress from waiting for the dang cycle to be over so I can get the show on the road - how meta.) At any rate, I hope the RE doesn't judge all my cycles on this one. And I hope I get back to normal after I'm done with the D (supposed to be next month). And I hope it doesn't take too much longer for my cycle to end so I can get going on the procedures!

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