Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hi, Baby!

I did a good job scheduling my three appointments this week in order of awesome: dentist on Monday, OB on Tuesday and ultrasound today. Top priority for me today (besides getting to see Ivy!) was to see the status of that 6cm fibroid that was close to my cervix.

We ended up with the same sonographer as before, which was lucky - I really liked him. His overhead monitor wasn't working so I had to crane my neck to see his screen. He started with a full bladder, counting and measuring my six fibroids, and when he was finished and I was able to pee, he moved on to Ivy.

She's head-down, and look at that foot! I know she can still change positions, but I thought for sure she was breech since I feel most of the kicks down low. But maybe she just reaches up like this to kick me. :D

This one is one of my favorites - she was yawning but she looks like a screaming ghost or something. You can see the bottom of her foot next to her chin.

After he measured things like femur length and head & abdomen circumference, he switched to 3D, which was much more successful than before:

Her left arm was up in front of the left side of her face the whole time, but you can see her nose and mouth and right cheek pretty well. She yawned at this point too, but he didn't catch it. After a couple of photos she started getting wiggly and covering her face with all her limbs so we gave up.

Before we left, I asked the monographer about the 6cm fibroid, because what he was measuring didn't seem super close to the birth canal, and he said "it looks like it moved up and out of the way when your uterus grew!" Yay!

It was hard to look at the photos without tearing up as we got in the car - I know I'm starting to be affected by hormones again, but seeing her look like a real baby instead of a little doll, and being able to see how cute she is in 3D (which I know isn't exactly what she'll look like when she's born but still) - it was so exciting! Only a little over 10 weeks before she's due!


  1. She's so beautiful, such lovely photos. And I'm glad to hear that the pesky fibroid has moved!!x

    1. Me too! I really want to have a natural vaginal birth and the fibroid was kinda standing in the way. (I know other things can happen between now and then but this is a load off!)

  2. Gorgeous!
    The picture of her yawning reminded me of the Edvard Munch painting "The Scream"!

    1. That's what someone else said yesterday too! I totally see it!