Saturday, April 18, 2015

70 Degrees

It was so nice out today, and we left our schedules clear, since Cory especially has been so busy preparing for the conference that concluded a couple of weeks ago. So today was a mostly lazy day.

While Cory did his own thing, I spent the mid-morning cleaning out the car - vacuuming, spot-cleaning upholstery (which didn't work very well - someday I may get it professionally done), washing windows and wiping coffee out of the cup holders. Then I installed the car seat base. Cory had to come out and help me a little, since I couldn't get it tight enough, but now it barely budges, and according to the official installation YouTube video we should be good to go. I've marked down on my calendar when the next fire station inspection happens, though, just in case we feel like we should get a second opinion (which we probably will).

Around lunchtime we took Linus on a walk to the new(ish) little bakery/coffee shop to try them out. I was expecting more baked goods, but it was a quiet Saturday and they were closing in 15 minutes so they were a little sparse. I got an iced chai and took a couple of bites of Cory's scone.

Back at home, I tackled the trailer - it was time to get the futon in there! I wrestled the thing through the upstairs hallway, down the stairs, past the baby gate (which we use to keep our older kitty from going upstairs to pee on the floor), through the downstairs, out the back door, and into the trailer (which currently lives on the back patio). That sucker was heavy! But it fits perfectly and I'm so happy with it. I made the bed, and then grabbed a book and went out and laid in it for awhile, feeling the breeze and enjoying the temperature.

Linus joined me too.

Then we both fell asleep for almost an hour. It was a good test of whether the bed was more comfortable than our previous camping solution (an air mattress in a tent). In short, I am very happy with our purchase and can't wait to take it out on the road. :)

Around dinner time, I decided I felt like running out to the store and grabbing some frames for the posters Cory's designing for the nursery, so I went out to the car - and realized that I'd left the driver's door cracked open for about seven hours. The lights were still on, but when I tried to start the car it turned over about once before it gave up. That prompted a call to AAA for a jump, and then I had to drive around for awhile before I could turn it off. The moment of truth made me nervous, but it started right up again so we're good. I guess that counts as baby brain, though I don't feel like I've been super forgetful lately.

I also spent quite a lot of the day just feeling what's going on in my body. During the week I kind of ignore it because I'm working, but today was so lazy that I felt a lot of kicking/punching/general movement (and three hiccup sessions), and my walking pace is starting to slow down. Sometimes while I'm out about about she feels extra heavy, which makes me slow down more. Nothing painful is happening, and my back is still fine, but I can sure tell that she's growing quickly 'cause I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I'm also sleeping a lot more - 10 hours is about perfect for me right now, and even then I apparently need a nap here and there.

And speaking of sleep, it's time to go do some of that. Goodnight!

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