Monday, June 16, 2014

Time is Money

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time thinking about my options for paying for this little wrench in the works. I had an email conversation with our insurance rep, who said that the procedure is covered, but not if the doc at my clinic does it, because she's not contracted with my insurance company. So when the surgery coordinator called me this afternoon and mentioned the same thing, I took that as a sign that I needed to just be patient and go with an in-network gynecologist instead of going with the clinic's more expensive option, even thought the latter would likely get the procedure done faster. Way back in late 2011, I had a pap done at a gynecologist's office here in town, and since I'm already in her database I decided I'd call her. Of course, she's out on vacation, but I'll have a consultation with her when she gets back on July 2nd. I was telling Cory that I kind of feel like Linus must feel when we tell him it's time to go for a walk but then we sit down on the couch and read email or Facebook or something before we leave. I was bouncing all over the place once I got off the phone with the doctors. But this really is going to be better, having the procedure done by someone who's covered by my insurance. This way it'll be cheaper, and I will actually just have to be driven five miles home instead of 90. In other news, I sent off my final check for the first IVF loan today! That feels good. And then I got the payment booklet for the new loan in the mail today too, heh.

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