Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Go Time!

It's cycle day one today! I called ORM and they told me to start taking the birth control on Thursday and they scheduled me for my saline Doppler stuff on Thursday as well. Then five minutes later the nurse called back and said "oh, my fault, we can't schedule you for the procedure until you're not bleeding anymore, let me put you back through to the receptionist to reschedule." Then I waited for 15 minutes on hold. Good thing I had my headphones and could just work while I was waiting!

So next Wednesday we will both give blood and I'll have the sonohysterogram, and hopefully by then we will also have a protocol. It looks like I'll be giving myself shots for at least a couple of days, as Cory will be going to Dallas in three weeks. I'm a little concerned about having to do it myself but people do it all the time so I will just have to buck up. :) 


  1. Woop, woop! Do it up :)

  2. Yay! I had so much anxiety about giving myself shots but it was the anticipation that freaked me out more than the actual shots. You can do it!!