Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mt. St. Helens

Cory vowed not to work this weekend, so we took advantage of a full day of no work to go visit our local volcano.

After a nice lunch overlooking the Columbia river (over on the Washington side), we drove north and then east for a bit, with a final destination of Johnston Ridge Observatory in mind.

We drove along the Toutle River Valley through some gorgeous country, which didn't become any less gorgeous once we started seeing evidence of the devastation the volcano caused thirty-four years ago. The mountain isn't any less majestic, even with a giant crater and the loss of over a thousand feet of elevation. We stopped at every overlook and took photos of the view from slightly different angles. Including some very attractive selfies.

That there's a MOUNTAIN!

We had Linus with us, but dogs aren't allowed inside the monument (unless they're in a car, and it was warm and sunny yesterday so we didn't want to leave him in the car while we had fun) so we didn't end up staying anywhere for very long. Which was OK because it meant we were able to stop in Portland for dinner at the Tin Shed (dog-friendly!) and get home by the time it got dark. All in all, it was a lovely little day-trip.

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