Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day at the Coast

Linus and I took advantage of today's forecast (62 degrees!) and my desire for fresh fish and chips to take a quick little trip to the coast. And we weren't disappointed: it was GORGEOUS!

We went to South Beach, a little area on the south side of the Yaquina Bay which we don't go to very often. Part of the reason is that it's a bit of a walk over the dunes to get to the water, and when we go to the beach we usually like to pop in, tire the dog out, and then run back home. But because it was just him and me, we tried something novel.

It was about 62 degrees there, and I kind of walked around in a daze for the first little bit, wanting to strip off my clothes and lie in the sunshine. I threw the ball for Linus and he dug holes in the sand and ran through the waves and got tired pretty quickly.

Disaster struck, though, when I was trying to avoid two yappy dogs whose owners weren't interested in giving anyone space - they walked right down the middle of the sand even though their dogs were overexcited and Linus was therefore very interested in them. So I took Linus in a wide berth around them towards the water, which worked out great for a minute because the water went way out... and then a wave overtook us and soaked me up past my knees, and almost took my vest which was hanging on my purse but was shaken free by my running through the water. I'm SO glad I didn't put my phone in the vest pocket like I'd thought to; it would have been toast. I had to chase it as it was sucked back towards the ocean in a receding wave.

So then I was soggy and not feeling like sticking around Newport in my heavy wet jeans, so we headed back to the car and I stopped by South Beach Fish Market for some fish and chips. I'd never been before but it got really good ratings on Yelp so I thought I'd try it. The fish was very fresh, but the tartar sauce was kind of boring. I'll probably go back 'cause overall it was yum.

I'd brought some books to read at a coffee shop, but that plan was abandoned. Instead I cranked up the fan on my feet in a futile attempt to dry my jeans, put on a podcast and headed back into town. Linus is now conked out and I'm in pajamas already, with all the windows in the house open. (Gotta take advantage of any time I can air out the house in the middle of winter!)

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