Monday, January 12, 2015

17 Week OB Visit

I woke up today excited, but of course my inner Eeyore came out and I got super nervous as the hour approached. Cory wasn't going to be able to go, so I kept having stupid thoughts like "what if the baby has died and they're going to break the news to me, and Cory's not there, how will I be able to get to work to pick him up if I'm too upset to drive?" But then his schedule opened up so he came with me and we passed the wait time talking about work, which was good. Begone, Eeyore.

I was weighed on my way in, and I hurriedly thought back to last month's numbers - had I really gained 11 pounds in just over three weeks?! That meant I've gained 15 since the beginning, which seems way more than it should be.

The nurse took my blood pressure, and despite being nervous about the appointment and worried about my weight gain, it was lower than it was the last appointment. Phew.

Then after quite awhile, the midwife came in. I hadn't met her before, and I loved her! She was just the perfect amount of hippie, and she really took a lot of time to ask questions and genuinely seemed interested in what I was saying, rather than just asking questions so that she could fill in my chart. (That's probably why she was so behind - though I'd totally rather wait for awhile to see a doctor who's interested in hearing about what's going on, instead of having an on-time doctor barely look at me.) My first question was "ack, 15 pounds?" and she said I'd just remembered my last weight wrong - I've only gained 9 overall. That made me feel better, and she wasn't worried about it at all. I still need to eat a little better and start exercising more (something in the waiting room said 30 minutes every day and I'm definitely not doing that).

We had a good long conversation and then she finally broke out the Doppler. (I wish she would have started with it! Oh well.) It took a little while to find the bugger, 'cause it was hanging out way in the back of the uterus so its heartbeat was faint. But it was there and sounded great! I love getting to hear the heartbeat, it's almost like a little bonding moment, like when a baby grabs your finger. So much is happening in the dark corners of my abdomen and it's so strange not to be able to know, until someone opens the little door and lets us hear what's going on inside.

One thing that I didn't expect was to suddenly start being nervous about the anatomy scan. I think in the back of my mind I knew they'd be looking for more than just genitals, but the midwife told me that the appointment would take an hour and that they'd call me if they needed me to know something, and that usually when they called it wasn't a big deal. It hadn't really sunk in that they were going to go through the scan with a fine-toothed comb, looking for all ten fingers and toes, looking for cleft palates, that kind of thing, and then of course I started worrying, even though the midwife was trying to reassure me. Heh.

Two and a half weeks until we learn what we're having!

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