Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long Weekend

This post was written yesterday, and for some reason it showed up on Feedly but never showed up on Blogger, so I'm reposting it! Sorry about that!

I'm writing this from the little bed in my mom's spare room, where I'm enjoying a lazy early morning watching the sun come up and feeling the cool morning air from the open window that is my headboard.

I had a very nice few days here in the high desert. I brought my grandma with me and we have mostly just stuck around the house, chatting and eating good food and enjoying each other's company. Linus came too, and yesterday he and I went to Wild Ride, a new brewery in town, with my cousin who lived with me for a short time a couple of years ago and now lives over here. Wild Ride doesn't serve any food, but it was dog friendly and even the other visitors were super dog friendly - the lady at the table next to us cuddled with Linus for quite awhile. I definitely recommend it if you are ever in central Oregon with a dog and require a beer.

The IPA was hers, and the bourbon porter was mine. I thoroughly enjoyed what will be my last beer in awhile.

So as of today I'm off alcohol, caffeine and dairy. The dairy is because the doxycycline I started this morning doesn't play nice with dairy, but that will only be for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the others will be for about nine months longer. :)

We go home today, Grandma and I, and then I will probably go visit my friend for an hour or two if she's up for it. Tomorrow she leaves for treatment in Seattle and I may not see her for awhile.

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