Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mock/Dopp Today!

We're heading up to Portland this afternoon to see if the polyp and extra tissue they found during the last saline sonohysterogram is looking good, and check the blood flow to the uterus and do a mock transfer. I wasn't worried until this morning, but now I have irrational fears that the doctor that performed the hysteroscopy missed something or misunderstood what needed to happen. Logically I know that can't be the case, she's a doctor and she saw the ultrasound and knew what needed to go.

I'll update this evening!


  1. I've heard of mock transfer. Can you explain?

    1. Yes! Essentially they put an empty catheter in the uterus just to see how far back they can get. They like to transfer the embryos way back in the back of the uterus, so it's just a quick little practice run. The whole thing (doppler, mock transfer, saline ultrasound) takes about half an hour, if that.

    2. Interesting! Thanks for the info.