Monday, August 18, 2014

Here we go again.

I feel like half of my blog posts are about having to be patient and wait, and the other half are titled something like "here we go again!"

This weekend we went to the wedding of Cory's best friend. It was a very nice party and it was great to be a part of it and meet all the family and close friends and get to know them. I think I cried twice during the short ceremony - I love watching people so in love with each other finally seal that commitment. I also enjoyed Cory making his toast - he was nervous about it for a long time but he nailed it!

This weekend also marked day 1 of my (quite short - 23 day!) post-hysteroscopy cycle. Of course it happened on a Sunday, which normally would have had me panicky to not be able to talk to the nurse IMMEDIATELY, but I've been through enough of these now that it wasn't a big deal. I called this morning and scheduled the mock transfer/doppler/saline sonohysterogram appointment for next Thursday.

I just got the schedule for the next seven weeks, starting on 8/31 - and now I'm all kinds of nervous.


  1. I agree, he totally nailed it. :) Thanks for being there for us.

    1. We were happy to be there! Now we need to have dinner and hear all your honeymoon stories. :)