Friday, July 4, 2014

Winner of the Lucky Socks Giveaway!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

The random number generator gave me number FOUR - so...

JCH4DCU, you're the winner! 

If you could email me your address I'll get these in the mail to you post haste! (megan dot granholm, gmail!)

We are sticking around home for at least some of the day today; my landlord is coming to do some work on the outside of the house and we just watched our dinky little 4th of July parade which goes right by our house. But this evening we plan on watching the fireworks in our neighboring city, from down on the waterfront. And then if we get home in time, we'll lie in bed and watch our neighbors illegal fireworks from the window - the best way to watch fireworks ever.

Howdy, George! Happy 4th!


  1. Wow!! I'm so freaking excited, I could use some lucky socks!

    Thank you!

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